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Choose special offers for members from our exclusive range including the unique Pole Fitness Studios' formula wallchart and DVD, pole fitness clothes and stretching mats.

Platinum Pole Fitness Studios Home Kit

Pole Fitness Studios Beginner DVD including Motivation Wall Poster, Pole Fitness Studios Spinning and stationary, removable and relocatable, all on one Pole. Plus you get the Pole Fitness Studios spray bottle and cloth.

*Set Price $799.00 (Includes GST & P&H)

Please tell us your required Pole length: floor to ceiling

Add Pole Fitness Studios training gear to your DVD & pole set order for no added postage charge!

FREE Postage for additional Pole Fitness Studios Sports Wear!

Pole Fitness Studios Training Shorts Pole Fitness Studios Singlets (out of stock)

Quality Guarantee we are so confident that you will love the Pole Fitness Studios home kit that we offer a 14 day money back guarantee. (Excluding postage and handling)

Manal Chami - PPS is amazing for confidence, self esteem, as well as body! The program is like no other. I never can get bored because there is always room for challenges and new tricks. I love pole!

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