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Pole Fitness Studios' exclusive DVD

The 'Beginner' Pole Fitness Studios instructional DVD quality is High Definition - Wide Screen - and not just a follow along 'copy the trainer' program.

The Beginner Pole Fitness motivational Wall Poster is a great reminder of all 65 exercises, at a glance!

You are going to receive Pole Fitness Studios actual formula, allowing you to safely stay off the floor and on the pole!

Develop your natural flare and technical ability in the correct order, eventually allowing you to create your own Pole Fitness Studios exercises! Giving you the ability to combine any of the Pole Fitness Studios exercises in the order and style you choose! Pole Fitness Studios; train at home, stop and start formula allows you to learn at the pace you desire while offering a clear and thorough instruction of the methods required to land on your feet with precision, every time!

You will receive the Pole Fitness Studios formula and 65 Pole Fitness Studios beginner exercises plus...

The very handy motivational Beginner 'Pole Fitness Studios Wall Poster' showing the 65 exercises you will learn at a glance!

Great for beginners

If you have tried previously to use a pole and found yourself not completely understanding how all the pole grips and techniques work, at all times, including terminology or perhaps you are not completely confident with every landing...

Then you are not playing safely and require Pole Fitness Studios' training!

*You must use high quality pole equipment with the Pole Fitness Studios program - preferably the fixed/fully removable easy to install Pole Fitness Studios Spinning/stationary Pole and yoga mat - otherwise be sure your pole is high quality Stainless steel (one piece pole is preferred) and securely fixed to the floor and ceiling!

The Original Pole Fitness Studios® Sports Formula and 65 exercises plus Motivational Wall Poster

RRP $75.00 (Incl. GST and P&H)


Abbey Macleod-Jones - The PFS program combines and develops strength

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