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Stretching is the key to a healthy, pain-free life

Mobility and pain-free movement of the muscles are critical factors in how you live your life. When you suffer from pain or discomfort, it can hinder your daily activities.

Stretching can improve mobility, muscle mechanics and allow you greater opportunities every day.

Vertical pole gymnastics incorporates stretching in every movement, building flexibility and muscle strength at the same time.

Each pole fitness exercise increases and maintain the length of a muscle or muscle group. It lengthens tendons, warms up ligaments and prepares joints for work. While you are working out on the pole, you'll:

  • improve flexibility throughout your whole body
  • decrease tightness and stiffness
  • gain improved awareness of muscles and their capabilities
  • increase co-ordination and agility
  • decrease blood pressure and enjoy a fit cardiovascular system
  • have enhanced circulation and reduced inflammation
  • reduce pressure on joint cartilage and spinal discs, which reduces arthritic wear-and-tear
  • have less stress on your nervous system
  • feel an increased sense of well-being and healthiness

Vertical pole gymnastics offers maximum flexibility and increased range using a safe combination of pole techniques - stretching, handstands and cartwheels, wrapping, flipping, spinning, climbing and more. This means you gain more speed while improving your body's power.

Pole Fitness Studios offers the only system that gives you a complete workout for every muscle in your body while protecting your body from injury.

Lorraine So - The best workout in the world. Once you try it you will never look back! :)

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