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Why choose Pole Fitness Studios?

Vertical pole gymnastics is a practice that is safe for women and men of all ages: from novices to professionals. An excellent way to sculpt your body, it also offers a fast method to shed excess weight while building the improved posture that leads to greater self-confidence.

Pole Fitness Studios is a world leader in the development of safe, easy-to-follow vertical pole gymnastics grips, locks and aerodynamic formulas that have been carefully and systematically tested to give the maximum return to practitioners of all ages and levels of fitness.

Learn at your own pace

Students are gradually introduced to the exercises through a series of classes designed for beginners, leading to more advanced classes suitable for the fittest of athletes. You will be guided by professionally trained teachers who take care that you do not over-extend or injure yourself while you learn.

Angela Perry and her instructors conduct more than 20 packed classes every week in a safe, non-threatening space at the studio in Canterbury, in Sydney's inner west.

Students don't share a pole

Students do not share a pole. A pole per person enables each person to quickly progress from basic exercises to more advanced grips and techniques.

Given misconceptions about the nature of vertical pole gymnastics, Pole Fitness Studios do offer some single gender classes to avoid women (or men) feeling embarrassed.

Instructor-led classes

The more often you attend classes at Pole Fitness Studios, the more challenging and exciting the exercises and combinations become. Your progression through the program is carefully monitored and you are encouraged to discuss any difficulties with your teacher.

Grading is complimentary for our regular students. Check out our Member Offers.

By Angela Perry

Cynthia Lau - Pole fitness is awesome! I wish I can do it everyday

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