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Pole Fitness Studios Sydney offers you the very best in personal gymnastics training using a vertical spinning pole.

Pole Fitness is not the same as pole dancing. Vertical pole gymnastics called Chinese Acrobatics and Indian Pole Mallahkam have been practised as fitness training methods for hundreds of years; pole dancing only a few decades.

Pole Fitness Studios do not mix dance techniques with its pole fitness gymnastic program making it suitable for people of all ages, body shapes and any fitness level.

Pole Fitness Studios program places safety first every time. With Pole Fitness there are hundreds of vertical pole gymnastic and acrobatic exercises to learn... using many varying grips and techniques. Learn to hang, flip, spin, climb and handstand your way to a happier, healthier body.

Pole Fitness programs specialize in all that can be done on a vertical pole. At Pole Fitness Studios we pride ourselves on technique fitness training. A Pole Fitness session maximizes your effort and minimizes the time and effort required to get your desired body sculpted results.

One hour at Pole Fitness Studios is equivalent to spending two hours at the gym. With Pole Fitness you stretch and build strength at the same time, use larger groups of muscles and activating every muscle in your body.

Lee Annie - Pole fitness changed my life. Saw results straight away and it's soooo much fun. I do things I thought I could never do!! I loved gymnastics when I was younger and thought I'd never do it again.. Until pole fitness came along. I love it !!

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