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An all-over body workout

Vertical pole gymnastics uses core strength and callisthenic training techniques for an all-over body workout.

Benefits of vertical pole gymnastics include:

  • increased cardiovascular health
  • enhanced muscle tone and flexibility
  • improved balance and co-ordination
  • learning to deeply relax your mind and body
  • stronger immunity to diseases
  • more freedom of movement while practising yoga postures
  • increased sensuality and aliveness
  • becoming more comfortable with your own body image


Pole fitness makes you use your stomach muscles constantly, reminds you of your posture, and builds up extra strength fast.


Pole Fitness is fabulous on the thighs and gluteus maximus (bottom).


Tone your arms in a flash! Just by "hanging around and having fun!" the pole will develop your arm muscles, this program rocks! You really will be amazed at how fast and simple your desired body sculpting results happen.


You don't always know what your back looks like, however you always know how it feels! The pole is a fabulous reminder for your back of what a straight posture actually feels like. This constant reminder, whilst strength building, does wonders for not only how you look but also how you feel. By looking after and strengthening your back muscles you will be looking after your all over appearance. Your back keeps your posture in check and in turn strengthens your stomach muscles.


Pole Fitness stretches and strength builds at the same time, coupled with the fabulous foot grips; your legs will be more toned and flexible than ever before!

Jamie O'Connell - Pole Fitness is more than just a form of fitness to me

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