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Questions about Pole Fitness Studios

Pole Fitness Studios offers a program like no other. We suggest you try not to think about your first class, just do it! With friendly staff and a relaxed environment, you will find this is the most fun you've had in ages!

Will I have my own pole during the class?

Pole Fitness Studios provides a spinning pole per person and classes run for 50 minutes. We have 11 poles in our studio, so class sizes are limited. Your workout is assisted by the pole, it offers support and stability and helps you move your body weight around.

Is it difficult to learn vertical pole gymnastics?

The Pole Fitness Studios program has been designed for all ages, body shapes and sizes and any fitness level. It is a lot easier to learn the basic structure of the program, it's a challenge to master. However, you can practise in the class at your own pace: Anaerobic or aerobic: it's your choice!

Do you offer a New Beginner class?

New Beginner Only classes are offered most days of the week, check out the timetable to get started. Designed to teach you the foundation basics, get you used to the lingo and prepare you for the next level making sure you are ready and comfortable.

What should I wear?

No shoes are worn in a Pole Fitness class. Fitted shorts with a singlet or T-shirt. Shorts are worn because your thigh grip is necessary to help hold up your body weight. Tracksuit pants can be worn over the top through warm up.

Do you sell any sportswear?

Pole Fitness Studios sportswear is available including T-shirts and exercise shorts. Drinks and health snacks are also available.

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